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Back in the bedroom

Back in the bedroom - Willi Johnson

Today I finally decided to get an automated alarm system GTA that my wife has been talking about so much. She’ll be happy and I will have some quiet time. Women tend to nag you whenever you say no to one of their requests, whatever that would be. 
I made the mistake of telling her we had no money to throw on another thing that we didn’t really need. Hell broke loose after that remark reached her ears. You can imagine that it did not stay well with her, even if she did not utter one sound about it when she heard me. 
My wife has her own ways of making people pay. Some women prefer the silent treatment. I got the opposite of that. As of the following day of this incident, whenever I opened my mouth to say something, all I heard from her were sarcastic remarks meant to remind me of my mindless comment. 
I know, I was a fool. I brought all of these clouds above me. Me and my big stupid mouth. Did I mention that I was moved out of the bedroom as well? Yes, she asked me to go sleep on the couch, which I have been doing ever since.
After two months, I finally gave up and I said: ‘’Let’s do it your way!” I had no more energy to play this game. Plus when my youngest daughter asked me if we were getting a divorce I understood that this silly argument had turned into a bigger snowball and it was affecting the kids. I was stunned that she even knew the word divorce or its meaning.
Thus, I headed downtown and got her what she wanted. I even got her a bouquet of flowers to make in an attempt of reconciliation. You should have seen her face when she came home and saw the flowers. I should have done this much earlier. It would have saved me the pain of sleeping on that hard couch for so long. Today, I am writing this post from the comfort of my own bed. Needless to add how happy my bones are to be back in the bed.
Piece of advice for all of you who have stubborn wives: go along with them, fulfill their requests and you will have a happier life. Take it from one who suffered enough while being on the couch for two weeks. Since it’s not really all about the money, why bother?


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