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A Day at the Demolition Derby

A Day at the Demolition Derby - Willi Johnson

When I woke up this morning, I couldn’t quite believe what I had experienced the night before. Last night I went to my first demolition derby event and I’m still not quite sure if I really enjoyed it or not. I’m not a big fan of motor sports at the best of times but a few of my buddies thought it would be a good bit of fun if we headed down to a race that was happening nearby, so off we went hurtling past the many cars and vehicle restraint systems on the highway.

There were few vehicle restraint systems to be found when we got to the track though! Just a set of stands that we would be calling home for a few hours and a dirt track that was surrounded by cars that looked like they were ready for the junk yard. I could tell right away that it wasn’t really my scene and I felt a little bit out of place as I took my seat and waited for the event to start.

The first race was crazy! Cars were skidding and flying into each other from all angles and I couldn’t quite believe that all of this could be legal without proper vehicle restraint systems in place, but the events happen often enough that it must not be a problem. That isn’t to say there weren’t crash barriers of a sort surrounding the track of course. They just didn’t look anyway near as professional as I figured they ought to for something like this.

I stuck with it for a few hours and I must admit that I was a little caught up in the vehicular brutality by the time the feature race rolled around. The makeshift vehicle restraint systems had clearly seen better days, as had the cars that were all participating in their second races of the night after winning their respective heats, but the drivers seemed to go for it even harder in the last race. I’m not sure if it was added determination or the fact that the track had been churned up, but the whole thing was just a little bit crazy.

I left with an appreciation of the risks the drivers take to entertain the people who clearly love the sport, but in truth I don’t think that it is something that I’m going to be revisiting beyond this one experience.


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