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Find Out Why They Are So Available First

Find Out Why They Are So Available First - Willi Johnson

If you have had a tragic event happen with your business, computers, network, servers or printers, then you are fully aware that this can be one of the most devastating things that can happen to your business. The sheer terror of your system being down is enough to make you go screaming into the night hoping to get eaten by a bear (Yes, I know that sounds silly; that’s the point).

When these things happen, you are probably scrambling to find someone to fix your system and get it operational again, because having a network consultant on speed dial is not necessarily something that most of think is important enough to have ready at the moment. This is not usually a problem that arises so, for most of us, as long as our system is running well we don’t really even consider the need for one of these experts.

The day that my cnc cutting system went down, I was wishing that I had been a lot more proactive. I called around frantically looking for someone who could come to my office right away. The first four I could tell were doing all they could to contain their laughter. It was not that they saw my problem as inconsequential. It was that they are so booked because of all the issues people have that they didn’t even do system upgrades anymore. They had that much business for network problems that this was all they did.

On the fifth call, I got an answering machine and left a message. Two more calls I made to “no way, no time,” before finally getting a hold of someone. I explained my problem and the guy told me he would call one of his technicians, and they would probably have someone in about 30 minutes' time.

I was so relieved that I did a rather silly happy dance. A few minutes later the place I called where I left a message called back. I told him I had a person to come out and he asked me whom. I told him and he then asked me to ask myself why they had “technicians” available when there were so many places that had to turn business away. The reality is that they had technicians probably because they were no good.

That made me thinks. I called back and cancelled and was able to work out with the person that had called me back to come later that afternoon. I don’t know if they were good or dishonest. I just didn’t want the risk.


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