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Getting older mean less memory

Getting older mean less memory - Willi Johnson

This afternoon I spent about forty minutes driving around, looking at backyards and fences Longueuil, trying to find out where my friend was living. I had his address on my phone, but my battery died and phone turned off on its own before I got a chance to check out the name of his street.

Like a dumbass, I did not have the phone charger with me. I didn't even have the one for the car, that is supposed to stay within a car, at all times. I was crossing Victoria Bridge when I thought I should check out his address and looked for my phone. As soon as I touched the screen, it died.

When I saw that I have no way of checking his address on the phone, I tried to remember at least the name of his street, but my memory was not helping me at all. I could not remember if it was Edgar, Gendron or another one. Maybe Montgomery? I did not have a clue.

Thus I decided to drive around, hoping I would see something that I looked familiar, keeping my fingers crossed, wishing to go in the right direction. You know that chances are practically nul for that to happen!

Before I used to know all of my friends’ phone numbers by heart. That stopped the moment the smartphones were invented. My brain got lazy and I started to rely more and more on this device. What happens when the device won’t work? Everything goes wrong!

Without the phone, I am as good as a dead man! There’s nothing I can do anymore without my smartphone. I can’t recall phone numbers or addresses. I don’t have a GPS within the car, because usually I use Google Maps app on my phone.

After going around in circles for almost forty minutes without seeing anything familiar, I gave up and drove back towards boulevard Taschereau and headed back home. Obviously that I had no one to blame but myself for being so careless and leaving my phone uncharged.

When I got home my wife was surprised to see I was back so early. I did not have the heart to tell her that I did not meet my friend. Thus I simply said my idea of a surprise visit did not work out, as he was not home.

Once my phone was charged, I checked the address. It was on rue Gendron. I was there, but I could not remember the house. My memory is getting worse by day!


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