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Helping The Patients

Helping The Patients - Willi Johnson

It was my childhood dream to become a doctor, but becoming a doctor would come with much responsibility, I never imagined. I was an intelligent student, and also a good human being. I tried to take care of others around me, and never had I the idea that God was preparing me to serve humanity.

I continued to help others, take care of them, respond to their needs and did little acts of charity. These things satisfied me. Such acts also turned me into an environmentally friendly person. I tried to keep the environment as clean as possible; at least I do my part. I never threw any sort of wrappers around, I planted plants and trees, and participated in different volunteer activities.

Years passed by and I grew up into a better person I suppose. I had become a doctor and I was practicing at a local hospital. What life had made become is a person who always tries their best to give my patients a comfortable and a healthy life.

As you know, the hospitals have a lot to worry about odours emanating from sweat, medicines, the body and mouth odour of the people; I am very much concerned about the quality of air that prevails within the hospital. Because there are also healthy people with patients, the air must be kept clean as much as possible so that none contract any sort of disease which are largely due to air pollutants.

Being a doctor, I thoroughly realize my duty towards them and I have been researching for a long time on the internet regarding air quality, air quality testing, air quality control and air pollution. Having detailed information on these subjects has further caused me to be a doctor willing to compromise on anything but health.

It was when I was doing research on these topics that I came to know about air quality testing Montreal, which gave me a hope that I could have it tested in my hospital too. Shortly thereafter, upon getting a chance, I discussed my point of view with the senior doctor at our hospital who was really happy to have the idea. He asked me to contact the company which delivers the service as soon as possible.

I was glad that at least my point of view was given consideration and now I would be in a better position to help the patients!


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