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Love At First Sight

Love At First Sight - Willi Johnson

Every day for the past fortnight, I hadve been trying to gather the courage to speak to her. The past fifteen days had been the most amazing days of my life. Her face just flashed through my mind and her smile shuddered my whole being. We used to smile at each other but a word exchange had never occurred. My voice had never failed me as insolently as it did in her presence. To say the least, the way I felt about this girl defied logic. I barely knew her, we had never spoken and yet I felt almost certain that I loved her. Her frame was delicate and feminine. She had big, almond shaped eyes and small, beautiful lips. Her hair was very straight and silky. She scarcely, if ever, put on any make up and that just further enhanced her beauty to me.

On that particular day, I had resolved to speak to her. I had put on my best formals as I went to work. My office was in an old, 5 storied building in the heart of the city. It housed ten small offices.  I was approaching the lobby and luck was on my side as I found her standing alone waiting for the elevator. She saw me and smiled. Smiling back I said, “Good morning." After she had returned the courtesy, we were quiet for a moment. I noticed her blue kurti and matching earrings. She was flawless! Gathering my thoughts, I furthered the conversation; “Mumbai is becoming more of a furnace this summer!” she smiled again and nodded in agreement.

Taking the cue I said, “I am Ashish. I work with Supra Tech on the third floor.”

“I am with Montreal SEO Company on the fifth floor. My name is Nandin,", she said.

What a beautiful name for a beautiful woman. The elevator slowly approached, I opened the door and let her in. “So you work as a writer?” “Yes” she said “I have been with the firm for the past three years. We shifted the office to this place only last month”

For two years, I had vehemently cursed the elevator every time I had to use it. But since I had seen her, I thanked God for the excruciatingly sluggish pace of the elevator. I was about to say something about my job as a programmer when her phone rang. She started rummaging through her bag and finally found it as we approached the second floor. I hoped she wouldn’t take it. She saw the call and with a smile she said, “Just a moment, it is my fiancée calling.”

I was so glad when the elevator beeped to indicate the third floor.


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