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Major clean up

Major clean up - Willi Johnson

As the summer is ending, I thought that it might be the time for me to do some early autumn cleaning. By that I mean go thoroughly through the house, room by room and get rid of all the things that I do not need. I decided to throw, give away or donate any item that I have not used in more than two years. 

When I used to live in a two bedroom apartment I owned much less things than I currently do. I realized that it makes no sense to continue being a hoarder and collect things just because I have enough space to store it. My house does not look spacious anymore! I gathered so many pieces of furniture, art, rugs, pointless stuff, you name it! I have it all. My garage is full as well. You won’t believe if I tell you I used to have two cars parked inside. Now I have space for only one car.

As I have only a few days before going back to work, I started the downsizing / cleaning up process on the first floor. I thought it would be easier to do it from upper floor and go down. Thus I won’t double my work. 

While I was going through my things I figured it out why I had kept on getting more and more items throughout the years. I had become an impulsive shopper, buying almost anything just because it was on sale or one of the kids had asked for it. I used to open my wallet and pay for everything without giving any second thought to the idea or the request.

I was surprised to see how many papers I have kept in my cabinet file. Can you believe I had the receipts from the orthodontist Boisbriand that my ex-wife used to go to? I also had my income tax return files starting from fifteen years ago. Piles and piles of files and papers waiting to be shredded. 

By the time I finished with the upstairs, I realized that I needed more space to deposit whatever was going away. Since there was no place to put it inside the garage, I had to put everything on the patio. I could not have them laying on my driveway or next to the street because my neighbours would make a complaint and I would get a ticket.


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