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The missing puzzle

The missing puzzle - Willi Johnson

Before getting out of my car, she opened her backpack, took out her wallet, looked for something inside and a few seconds later, she handed me a business card. I was so annoyed with the news she had just revealed to me that I could not pay attention to what she was trying to say. 

I took the card, placed it on the dashboard, waited for her to get out and then I left. I left in a hurry to go home and head straight to the basement, where I was going to kick my punching sandbag until all my anger was all out.

My mind refused to process the new information she had just given me. It made no sense at all. Why would my ex wife sell her share of the company to my ex partner? Was it just to get me upset? To get revenge? What was the real reason behind her crazy idea of fraternizing with the enemy? She knew he was a scumbag and he would have not lost any chance of messing with her as well!

Some people take things to a different level! More I look around me, more I realize that I am surrounded by crazy characters, who seemed to have lived all of their lives only for the single purpose of getting thrills from crushing others. It’s all about the money for them. There’s no more compassion, no empathy, no love, no pity... Nothing at all! As if they cut out of stone, heartless blocks of cold stones. 

Later on when I calmed down, I remembered the card she gave me in the car. I checked my pocket to see if I had put it there, but it wasn’t. Then I remembered I had left it inside the car, on the dashboard. I grabbed a sweater and walked out of the house, heading to the parking lot. 

When I got close to the car, I opened it and searched for the small white card. It had fallen from the dashboard, down on the floor. It was stuck between the carpet and the rubber mat on the passenger’s side.

I picked it up and had a look at it. Home Automation System GTA. That’s what it was printed on one side. The other side had two phone numbers and the company’s address. I stared at that white card for a minute, trying to understand what was the connection between this company and my ex partner.


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