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Mortgage or no mortgage?

Mortgage or no mortgage? - Willi Johnson

For the past two months I have been trying to make up my mind and see if I really want to become a house owner or not. My wife is pushing for this to happen. It seems that there is nothing more attractive to her than paying taxes. She has been nagging me for a while that we need a bigger place, that we should stop paying rent and get our own house. 

She’s the one who told me that we could get a second mortgage for the house. I am still not that convinced that I want to do it. Once you entered this dance, you have to start dancing, no choice. I know that owning a property is costly and that taxes are pretty high within the city.
I would rather spend on vacations or something else the money I would need to pay the taxes. Municipality taxes, school taxes, water and sewage taxes, etc. An endless list of bills I would have to pay.

Though what to tell my wife? I can’t reason with her. Once she got this idea that we can afford it, it’s hard to tell her no. She feels as if I am denying her right to happiness. Sometimes I am shocked to hear the things that come out of her mouth, the unexpected answers or excuses she is giving me in order to get me hooked on buying a house.

So far we had two big fights that did not end up well for me. I was moved out of the bedroom and I am currently sleeping on the sofa. Even my three years old daughter told me one morning that I should have listened to her mommy. Seeing that I had spent the night on the sofa, she came and gave me hug saying that she would like a house as well. 

At that point I started to ask myself why was it so important for my wife to have a house. For me, it did not change anything. Though for her, it seemed to mean a lot more. Otherwise, why was she so determined to have a house? We had a place to stay, our rent was not too high and we were able to save money. 

Once we’d sign for the mortgage, all of our savings would go for the downpayment. Whatever extra money we would gain, would go towards the mortgage and taxes. It would be tight and challenging to live on a budget, as unexpected things happen and problems arise anytime. We would not have too much left aside for any of these.


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