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My new helper

My new helper - Willi Johnson

This evening I passed by my dad’s house to see how he was doing. He retired two months ago and had a hard time staying at home, without doing anything. Being used to have an active life from early morning until late in the night, he was feeling useless at home. Mom did not need his help and he felt like a lion in a cage. 

He would have liked to continue working but his doctor mentioned he had to rest. He was in his early seventies and he had a quadruple bypass done. Seeing that he was getting bored and annoyed at home, mom suggested to him to give me a hand at my wife’s office. Plus she added that it would not hurt for both of us to spend some time together and bond more. We had not done it too often lately. 

He was not too happy to do so but he had no choice. His options were limited, thus he conformed. Mom called me and shortly informed me that as of the following week, dad was able to help me and that I had to accept his help without any comment. When she put it this way, there was nothing else left for me to say. I agreed to pass by in the evening and discuss a bit with him about his new responsibilities. 

None of us was thrilled about this sudden alliance, but we had to do what we had to do. Mom had been very strict about it and neither him or I had the guts to say otherwise. We were stuck together. For her sake and the love we had for her, we had to make it work.

When I got there, I found him reading an article online about a kind ofalarm system GTA. As soon as he saw me, he closed the web page, took off his reading glasses and invited me to follow him on the patio, which I did. Before I said anything, he started to talk to me saying that he would do his best not to stay on my way. 

I looked at him and smiled. I handed him a cigarette and lit it. He thanked me and continued his speech. Listening to him talking about how he would try not to bother me, made me feel like a jerk. I stopped him and told him that he was my dad first, then my helper. I added that even something would go wrong, we would be fine, we would manage it, like we always did.


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