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A new chance

A new chance - Willi Johnson

Ten years ago I used to believe that I had “real” friends. The type of friends that you rarely meet: those that stick with you until your last breath. True friends that you could put your faith and trust in, that knew what being loyal meant.

At least that’s how I saw it. I used to consider my friends as important as any of my family members. Countless times I went out of my way to help them. I always made sure that I was there for them, whenever I was needed.

I never regretted offering my help. No! Even if throughout the years I have been shown on different occasions that they meant more to me than I actually meant to them. I was referring to them as my best friends, while they were talking about me as an acquaintance.  Discovering their true colors was a painful moment, I tell you that.

In spite of all the times I have been let down, disappointed, tricked or sold by them, I did not seek vengeance. On the contrary, I granted them their wishes and told myself that life went on.

Each betrayal taught me a lesson and enabled me to see things in a new light. I always managed to see the positive side of things.

The years passed by and from more than a handful of “real” friends, I was left with none. I can’t say that I did not miss them at all. I did. At least a few of them; those who passed away. I missed our Thursday evenings when we were playing poker. Not only the game, but also their company. We used to have lots of fun...

As for my other buddies, what can I say? When they decided to choose a different path, I wished them well and hoped deep down inside that I would hear back from them one day.

Apparently that day had come. This week I met not one, but two of my old friends, which was very strange.

Given that I never ran into them in more than five years (despite the fact we lived in the same city), imagine my surprise when that happened. While I was looking for an Emergency Dentist Boisbriand for my daughter, I met Mike at the dental clinic. He looked aged and had gained a lot of weight. He gave me his business card and said he would like to grab a beer someday.

Two days later, guess who was waving to me from across the street? My buddy Johnny who had just moved in my neighbourhood. Wasn’t that a strange coincidence? From all the places in the city, he chose to buy a house right there? I took it as a sign of a new beginning.


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