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The new receptionist

The new receptionist - Willi Johnson

I couldn’t believe how strong was the wind today. When I stepped outside, I was happy to see that it was not cold as well. On my way back from my meeting with one of my clients, I felt it moving my car while I was driving. It reminded me of the hurricane I experienced in Florida years back. 

Once I got back to the office I found a file on my desk, labeled Fitness Center Mississauga. I had no idea how it got on my desk. It had nothing to do with my work. I picked it up and went to see the receptionist. She was always aware of all of things going on within the office. Needless to say that included all the gossips too.

She was on the phone with a client when I reached her desk. She raised her head, smiled at me and lifted her index finger on her right hand, indicating me to wait, that she would be done soon with her call.

While she was still talking, I looked out of the window in the waiting area. It was for the first time that I had done that. I was surprised to note that she had the most amazing view of the downtown from all the other offices. Not even the V.P. or the C.E.O. had such a spectacular view from their desks. The sunset looked stunning from that window. 

I turned around and tried to check if the receptionist was able to see the view from her desk. Within the same second, as if she had guessed my question, she told me that she loved watching the sun go down from behind the desk. She added that it was her favorite moment of the day. Plus it was on half an hour away from the end of the working hours. 

She stood up and walked towards me, asking me on a sweet tone what could she do for me. For a moment, I lost my train of thought. I realized that until that specific moment, I hadn’t see how beautiful she was. I tried not to look like an idiot and focused on why was I there. I gathered my thoughts within a second and asked her who left the display manufacturing file on my desk.

She took it out of my hand and exhaled loudly, as if she was relieved to have found it. She said it was her’s. She had misplaced it and had no idea where it was.


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