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A Rainy Day in Montreal

A Rainy Day in Montreal - Willi Johnson

I seem to have really bad luck when it comes to weather. Every time I make the mistake of walking outside without an umbrella or raincoat I seem to end up getting drenched at some point during my journey. It even happens in the middle of summer! It’s the weirdest thing and it sometimes makes me think that somebody up there must have something against me and my desire to be dry at all times. There have been too many times where I’ve been in town and had to duck under a shop awning in Montreal just to avoid it.

Finding an awning in Montreal in those situations can be a lifesaver, but the shopkeepers tend to be unhappy if they see that you’re just loitering around the front of their shop when it’s raining. After all, it could put off potential customers I guess, plus I am technically trespassing on their property if I’m not heading in to browse or buy something. That’s no trouble though because I’ve worked out that they are much happier if you simply duck under the awning in Montreal and then head into the shop itself to have a wander around.

Of course, the shop also has the added advantage of being dry, which is a definite plus considering the situation. I swear it happens to me so often that some of the shopkeepers recognize my face and what my ducking into their shop means for the weather outside. As soon as they see me run under their awning Montreal and head into the shop I get a slightly exasperated sigh and usually get asked if it’s raining outside. I swear it’s the weirdest thing. It’s like I have my own personal rain cloud that is determined to follow me around no matter where I go.

Honestly, I think I’m just going to have to avoid walking from now on and take the car everywhere I go. Granted, it’s not the most environmentally friendly solution out there, but I’m just sick of getting rained on all the time. I didn’t even know that we could get that much rain in Montreal. Maybe I should take it to the extremes and move to another city to see if that has any beneficial effect. Even in the worst case scenario the people in Montreal will probably be happy because it’s raining a lot less now that I’ve moved on!


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