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Random thoughts while being stuck in traffic

Random thoughts while being stuck in traffic - Willi Johnson

For more than forty minute I was stuck in traffic. Luckily my AC and the radio were working. I wanted to connect my phone to the car’s system in order to listen to some of my favorite songs, but when I looked for my phone I realized I had left it at work.

Thus I had no choice but to choose a radio station and listen to it for the time that I was in the car. Usually when I get stuck in traffic, I either listen to my songs or call my friends or family members that I did not talk to in a while.

Today while I was switching from one radio station to another, I heard bits of a conversation on access security installation. I got my attention right away since my son had been talking about this during our last barbecue together.

In the beginning I was not sure if they were referring to a company or the service itself. Only after a few minutes I was able to understand they were actually promoting the service of a certain company. It was not the one that my son was working for. Anyway, it was an interesting topic.

While I was hoping the traffic would start moving, I remembered out of the blue that today it was the birthday of one of my ex girlfriends. It surprised me that I remembered such a thing, as I never wish anyone. I am not good with dates. Anyway, point is that this memory made me wonder what happened to her?

I did not see her in more than ten years nor thought of her throughout this time. What could have possible triggered this memory, I have no clue. The mind works in a mysterious way.

Thinking of her, I wondered if she looked the same or if she had moved from the last apartment she owned years back.

In ten years lots of things can happen! Given that we are aging, maybe the right question would be if she was still alive? It might sound weird to you, but to me it is not a strange thing to say or ask.

During the past two years, two of my friends passed away without any warning. They were not sick, had no accidents. They died in their sleep. Lucky bastards! I guess this the best way to leave this world. Go to bed and never wake up.


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