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Road to happiness

Road to happiness - Willi Johnson

If I’d ask you right now what would you be capable of in order to live happily what would you say? Would you say there is no happiness, that is a state of mind or you’d start telling me what type of things or sacrifices you’d be able to do just to have a fair chance at happiness?

Which category do you fall in? Are you by nature a perfectionist or a grumpy old man who is never pleased with anything around? No worries, you don’t need to be old to behave like one.

I have seen plenty of cases of people acting as if they were in their nineties when they were merely forty. Forty is not old! It’s just the beginning I’d say.

If you read this post and you are in your twenties, close the page and go read something else, more suitable for your age. You’re just a kid! Though if you past forty, then you’ll be interested in what I have to say. That’s because you can relate to my experience. Because you may have asked yourself the same questions a few days, months of years back.

If you are still reading that means you were not able to come up with an answer by now, or you are just curious to see what I am mumbling about. I hope I’d make your stay more pleasurable. Or perhaps I should say, I‘d make your read more enjoyable. Yes, the latter sounds way better.

When you are twenty you are so naive, and believe that everything flies. You try everything and hook up with anyone paying for a drink in the after hours. In your thirties, you become more selective and start having more serious questions and thoughts regarding your dating process.

By the time you reached forty you are a “pro” at this game. You passed through several long term relationships, you got burnt a few times, had a broken heart and drank your bitterness with your buddies. If you’re lucky you may have already met your lifetime partner and got married. The lucky part refers to meeting not marrying him or her!

Once you passed forty you are interested in only those who pay attention to what you have to say. That admitting you passed the middle life crisis and stopped looking after younger partners.

Does it sound familiar what am I talking about or I lost you on the way? I hope not, cause I wasn’t talking aboutautomated alarm service nor any rocket science!


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