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Sunday’s feast

Sunday’s feast - Willi Johnson

This Sunday I passed by my mother’s house to check up on her. During the week I am caught up with work and have no time to go see her. Once I get home, my wife and kids keep me busy until I hit the sack.

When I got there, I rang the bell but no one answered. I knew she was at home because her car was parked on the other side of the street. I assumed she was either talking on the phone or chatting on Skype with my niece who lived in Europe. Thus I used my spare key and let myself inside the house.

One minute later my hunch turned out to be accurate. She was on the computer, with her headsets on. She waved at me and whispered to me that there was fresh coffee in the kitchen.

Since my brother and I were not in speaking terms for couple of years now, I did not bother to say “Hi!” to him or any member of his family. I do love my niece a lot.

Although I would have liked to talk to her, I had to respect my brother’s wish of leaving his family alone. I guess that deep down inside he feared that his wife might still have feelings for me. Well, it was not my fault that I met her first. I was married to her for an year and a half until we realized it was not working. We were not meant to be together. A few months later, they eloped to France and settled there.  Who marries, his brother’s ex, right?

While my mother was continuing her chat on Skype, I turned on the TV and watched some news. When she was done, she came and gave me a hug apologizing for making me wait. Then she invited me to have brunch. (It was a feast!)

Although I had breakfast earlier, I accepted. I always loved her brunches. There was no way I would refuse some German sausages with garlic, pickles or her homemade eggplant spread or the sweet treats. You know what they say: “there’s nothing better than your mom’s cooking.”

When I was about to leave she asked me to find her some internet promotion montreal because she was no longer happy with her current provider. She explained that her Internet connection was unreliable and her router was also not working properly.

I suggested a few names and promised I would do a quick research the following day for her, in order to see who was offering a better plan. But for the moment I had to return home and take my kids to their soccer game.


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