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The text message

The text message - Willi Johnson

Last night, around 4:30 a.m. I received a text message. I usually turn my phone off during the night, but now that my kid is in summer camp, I kept it on, just in case. Being sleepy, when I heard the phone I got startled. For couple of seconds, I was worried that the call might be from my kid’s teacher, and that something had happen to my son. I was that tired, that I did not realize that it was a message instead of a call. I picked up the phone and started saying: «hello! Hello!” Because I heard nothing, I looked at the phone’s screen and then, I saw that it was a text message. I clicked on the message and saw a number I did not know. I read the text and it did not make any sense to me: Edmonton asphaltsupply”. Someone must have sent it to me by accident.

I thought of replying to the text and saying that he or she had the wrong number, but I was too tired. I put the phone away and turned on the other side, hoping I will get two more hours of sleep, before going to work. I barely closed my eyes that my phone beeped again. I picked up my cell and saw the same unknown number sent me a new message. I opened it, to see that it had only a phone number. This time, I reply right away, and I turned off the sound. I left it on vibration. I don’t want to be bothered anymore. I needed to sleep. I did not care about their asphalt issues or whatever that text was referring to.

I went back to sleeping. I tossed and turned for couple of more minutes, trying to find the perfect position to sleep. When I finally found it and closed my eyes, a sudden noise made me jump. My phone was vibrating. I was so annoyed with it! I felt like calling the unknown number and teach him some curses in French. But since at least I have manners, and I don’t disturbed people in the middle of the night, I didn’t. Within a glance, I turned off the cell, without thinking of my son.

When I woke up two hours later and turned on my cell I had three other messages from the same unknown sender and a missed call from my son. He called me at 6:20 a.m. That wasn’t a good sign, I told myself. My heart skipped a beat. Usually he wakes up around 7:00, and now in the camp, the wakeup call was still at 7:00.

I called him instantly. While I was waiting for him to pick up, several scenarios passed through my mind. I was hoping that none of these will become reality. Finally, after the fifth ring he answered. His tone seemed fine. When I asked why he had called he said he woke up early and just wanted to talk. I was relieved to hear that he was fine.


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