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Thinking about my beloved dad

Thinking about my beloved dad - Willi Johnson

While I was waiting for my wife to return from her Canal treatment Boisbriand, I thought I could go through the two boxes of things I inherited from my dad. A month after he passed away, mom had called asking me to pass by. She added that she had cleaned out his closet and gave all of his clothes to charity. 

She explained it was too painful for her to face his absence, while all of his clothes were still there. She needed closure. According to her, emptying his side of the dressing room was exactly what she needed to move forward. 

I remember that day she was trying to look tougher than she was. I felt the emotions in her voice, while she was talking to me. I hugged her and told her she would be alright, although we both knew it was a big fat lie. How could one be fine after losing the love of their life in a tragic accident? That’s a thing that lets you traumatized for life!

Honestly,  I was surprised to see that she was handling everything better than I thought she would. I don’t what what I would have done in her situation, so I never tried to judge her.

When I left her house, I picked up the two boxes she had prepared for me and put them in the trunk of my car. They must have stayed there for a week, until I took them and placed them in the garage, on one of the metal shelves I had installed in there.

At that time, I was not ready to open them. I wasn’t as strong as my mother. I knew that opening them, would also open a wound that I was trying to heal. Thus, I let the boxes stay in the garage. A few weeks later, I had forgotten they were there. It was my wife who stumbled upon them, when she needed to deposit her files on the shelf and had no space. 

Today, I finally opened them. One contained all of his watches, ties and his black leather spring jacket, that I had bought for him on his last birthday. I took the jacket out and smelled it. It still kept his perfume. I sighed and felt my eyes getting wet. I took the scissors and opened the other box. Inside I found his collection of comics, his old hockey equipment shirts and his trophy. I miss him so much!


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