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A touchy topic

A touchy topic - Willi Johnson

Yesterday I had a long long conversation with my parents. They invited me over for dinner. I got there around 5 P.M., as I know that they are used to dine early. I personally have dinner around 9 P.M., but in this case, I made an exception. Also, I know that eating so late is not a healthy habit. I have been trying for years to change my schedule and try to dine earlier, but I never succeeded. I was never able able to finish work and eat around 7 P.M.

Last evening my parents brought up to my attention I topic that I never gave too much attention. They talked to me about their death. Obviously it was hard for all of us to discuss about it, but I agreed with them that it had to be done. They are in their seventies, both of them, and death is inevitable. They wished to inform me of all of their desires and choices regarding the memorial service and all the things I would need to do when that would happen.

They presented me with a lot of documents that they have done with their lawyer throughout the years and insisted that I knew where they were kept. They gave me the phone number of their lawyer and asked me to take an appointment with him, at my convenience, in order to sign some documents regarding the trust funds they had created for my children.

As much as I tried to hold back my tears, I could not. I admired them for the calm and tidiness they were dealing with their upcoming end. I doubted that I could have been so cerebral. I thought I would be all emotional, if it was me in their place.

Within three hours that I was there, I received a full set of instructions. Can you believe that they even typed everything for me and printed it, so that I won’t forget it. They explained that they did not want everything to be done in a rush, that’s why the took the time to prepare everything. 

While we were talking, I received a phone call from a friend of mine who's working for a truck rental Toronto, saying that there was three police cars right in front of the office where I work. He added that something might have happend and he was asking me to pass by and check if everything was fine.

On my way back to the office, I kept on thinking how would I feel after losing my parents. Only the thought of it, made me cry. I wasn’t ready to let them go.


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