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Well done!

Well done! - Willi Johnson

How do you deal with a kid fueled up by hate and anger? How do you prevent him from doing something stupid? What do you do when he doesn’t want to listen to reason? How do you make him see that he has been brainwashed by his mother? How do you explain to him that you didn’t leave him behind, you left her?

What are your chances of success when for the past twelve years he had heard only negative stories about you? How can you compete with that? When all you had were only sporadic week-ends at your disposal to prove him otherwise. And as a bonus, the mom would always play the guilt card, preventing the poor kid to actually enjoy his time with you.

Would you get yourself sucked into this crazy twister or you would let it go, hoping for a better opportunity? Would you try to show him that according to your financial statements that you have been paying for almost everything he had, such as his clothes, toys, school, including his mom’s brand new car?

Would you be able to tell him all the truth about his mom’s mortgage bad credit and the fact that you paid fully her mortgage, when she went in debt like an idiot? Or you’d leave these details aside, thinking that would be too low for you?

What would you do when your own kids shows you the finger and tells you with such anger that he’d rather see you dead and come dance on your tomb, instead of seeing you a minute?

I’ll tell you what I did. I wished him to be happy. To have a happy and fulfilled life. To be able to find the strength of moving forward and be pleased with whom he is. I truly hope that one day he’ll come around. But what I want the most for him is to be free and happy. Although it kind of seems hard to believe he’d be, when he is spitting venom left and right, as a wounded snake.

How did that go for me? You can probably guess, it did not change my son’s mind or feelings. I can’t make him love me. His mother manipulated him and preferred having him turned into a puppet, instead of giving him wings and help him is his own man. She did a great job at turning him against me. Mission accomplished! Thumbs up to her, because it seems she took the manipulation act to a whole new level.


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